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            Measuring instrument
        • Measuring instrument
            Measuring instrument
        • Measuring instrument
          Qingxian County Measuring Instrument Co., Ltd. is specialized in producing gauges and explosion-proof products for the petroleum, chemical, transportation and liquor industries. Its products include standard metal tank, static earthing alarm "energy-saving environmental protection", sounding the dipstick and oil density meter, oil special toolbox, sampler, insulation box, bottom sampler and anti-static products etc. several series of production facilities, sophisticated detection equipment.
          Over the years, Qingxian County instrument company to the needs of the user oriented, to improve and stabilize the quality of products as the goal, to customer service service and customer satisfaction will be good for the purpose of "giant" brand series of products into the domestic well-known brand. In the petroleum products measuring instrument market, has won the recognition and praise of the vast numbers of users.


          Qingxian County instruments limited liability company and in 2008 and China Offshore Oil Corporation Sales Company signed a long-term measurement instruments purchasing agreement (agreement number: HYXS-CY/200811-004-02), become CNOOC and belongs to the 21 branch of the only supplier of measuring instruments. In 2009, it became the material supplier access unit of China National Petroleum Corporation (PetroChina material supplier access permit number: 02180006199).
          Qingxian County Measuring Instrument Co., Ltd. has passed the ISO 9001 - 2000 quality management system certification, and strictly according to this standard for production and management, so that our company's products become the market star.

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